Income taxes are second largest expense, next to a home mortgage, a household faces. I prepare tax returns for a living, so I am astutely aware of tax benefits available to you.


Why deal with the aggravation of preparing your own taxes when it can be done by a professional who knows all the tax law benefits available to taxpayers.  I am someone who knows how to deal with the IRS, and who will support you if you are audited or if you have to respond to a tax notice.  This year your taxes may be simple but over the course of a five year period, there will be a transaction that will require a tax professional.


 In the meantime you don’t have to deal with the misery of preparing your own taxes.  Do it the easy way and get it done right.  Call me. 



If you are behind on filing your returns, I can get you up to date.  I will help you minimize penalties and interest.  I will help you negotiate your taxes with the IRS.  There are published guidelines on these types of problems.   I can help you file an offer in compromise. I will tell you on the spot where you stand.